General Rules & Regulations

Please go through this handbook daily and follow accordingly. Show this to your Parent / Guardian.

This book should be brought to School on all working days. Use this for academic purpose and for recording your marks.

Carefully listen to the message given during the School Assembly. Read the daily news items and other important matters from the notice boards.

Carefully watch and learn from the Charts and other displays in the classrooms. Try to participate in the extra - curricular and co-curricular activities like sports and games. Make your contributions for the success of School Exhibition.

Reading books and magazines from the Library, listening to the news and other programs from the Radio and watching TV educational programs will be very useful. You must bring textbooks and notebooks according to the time-table. You must take care of your belongings.

You must come to the School in time. Do not come too early and play in and around the school.

Those who bring food should keep the place neat and use the dustbin. Keep the School and its surroundings neat and tidy.

The students should come in neat uniform on all working days, with the school Logo stitched on the shirt pocket.

Leave Rules

Leave letter signed by the Parent / Guardian should be sent to the Class Teacher for leave upto three days.

For more than three days the leave letter should be sent to the Headmaster through the Class Teacher.

The names of the students who are absent themselves without proper leave letter will be removed from the attendance register.

For sickness and hospitalization, the leave letter along with the Medical Certificate should be sent to the Headmaster through the Class Teacher.

Medical Leave during Examination should be submitted to the Headmaster in time. Any delay in this regard will not be entertained.

Those who are absent themselves for 10 days or more without any information will not be re-admitted.