About Us

Fredrick William Kellett was born on 22.11.1862 at Gam Born Cornwal in an Angola-Irish family. His father was a Methodist Pastor serving the Lord for more than 50 years. Even at a tender age he was interested in Christianity and reading books about the religion. He was very intelligent and so he was recommended to be transferred to King Wood School at Bath by the Day School Headmistress. There he excelled in his studies and stood first among 6000 students at the Junior Fred level. He was a regular Sunday School Student. Later he had undergone training in Theology. He led a very simple and pious life.

He was well-versed in Christian Doctrines and was proud of his work in which he had clear ideas. He got married in the year 1890.

Then he was called to serve as Professor in History at the Madras Christian College. Hence he left for India on 01.11.1892. He worked strenuously for thirteen hours a day for several weeks. In the evening he walked all the way from George Town to Triplicane to meet his students. And this paved the way for him to start the Kellett High School at Triplicane. Due to heavy work his health spoiled and he was affected with Malaria. So he went back to England on medical advice. There, he gave a talk to a group of Sunday School children about India. That evening his health deteriorated further and the following Wednesday morning he was called to eternal rest. His mortal remains were buried at the Nottingam Cemetery. There was a big crowd at the funeral service. The late Dr. Ramalinga Reddy also participated. On his grave is depicted the following epitaph.


His works at Triplicane began to bear fruit. People had love and respect for him. So the Wesleyan Mission School was re-christened as The Kellett High School in his memory.